Street Lighting in Berkhamsted

by ltconsulting on January 25, 2012

Hertfordshire County Council has recently consulted local county councillors on proposals to switch off street lighting between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. (or lighting off time, if earlier). Our County Councillor, Ian Reay, kindly shared the proposals with the Town Council and other interested groups, including the Citizens Association. The BCA examined the proposals, which were on view in the form of a map at the Civic Centre, and – following our suggestion – these were also placed on the Berkhamsted Town Council website.

The High Street, Kings Road, Gossoms End and London Road, being ‘A’ roads, will remain lit all night. Roads with traffic calming, such as Bridgewater Road, would retain their lighting; and all illuminated traffic bollards and signs, as well as accident black-spot junctions, would continue to be lit.

We discussed the proposals at Committee, and subsequently made several suggestions to Berkhamsted’s County Council representative, Councillor Ian Reay, who has promised to take these forward on our behalf.

We commented on the hours of the switch off, which did not seem appropriate to cover the town’s evening activities, but were told that these were not part of the consultation. We also suggested that Lower Kings Road, with its potentially hazardous bends and pedestrian traffic to/ from the station, should be lit; and for similar reasons, Castle Street should also retain its lighting. The upper section of Cross Oak Road, with its lack of pavements and numerous ‘blind’ junctions should also be considered for retention of at least some lighting.

We await the outcome of our suggestions. The scheme is due to be implemented in Dacorum during February 2012.

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