Local Businesses Light Up The Town

Each year Berkhamsted Citizens at Berkhamsted’s Christmas Event have presented a prize to the best dressed shop window in the town. I decided that this year we would photograph all the windows for the whole community to see (we put them up on Facebook as this new web site was not yet launched). There was one run away winner as you can see by the pictures – MYRTLE AND BLOOM in Castle Street.


It was a charming etherial winter wonderland. The calibre of a Fortnum and Mason window. The use of colour shape and form was exemplary. Thank you for putting in so much effort – THEY HAVE REALLY RAISED THE BAR!

RUNNERS UP! – WHITE MINT – WE LOVED IT!! What a great fun innovative window. The use of shape, line and colour was both exciting and playful – thank you for the imagination.



Please do look at all the other photo’s (more on our fb page) the effort of our town was superlative – you will see judging was not an easy job – let us look forward to next year and see what joys will be on offer.

Also highly commended was Acorn Pharmacy and Number Twenty. Hats off to Acorn Pharmacy -How many hours must it have taken to stick all those acorns on the window!? Very creative.


Number Twenty was also glistening with the charm of Christmas, something to look at from every angle.


Looking forward to Berkhamsted raising the bar again next year.

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