Love your food

As our contributors arrived, we got really excited. Here in the room we had local and passionate food producers, who were totally committed to creating the very best for us, their customers. Then the speakers started – and what we heard were people with total enthusiasm for what they were producing; whether that was Chiltern Farms with their heritage pigs tasting just like the pork your Granny put on the table or Colin Smiths enthusing about his hunt worldwide for the best coffee beans. Country Markets talked about the importance of creating as part of a community team producing in their own kitchens for their own town. A beautiful moment from Linda was describing setting up the market stall on a Saturday morning in Berkhamsted as the sun rose and all the market welcoming each other as part of a local family. We met the new kids on the block Ben and Kate Marston who have created their own local Puddingstone Gin. The samples went down a treat! They told us with great excitement how they put the gin together and created this individual and unique taste. We sampled our local chocolatiers (Auberge du Chocolat) produce –  we heard of their commitment to using sustainable ingredients and the joy they felt as they made their chocolates “with love”. Sunnyside Rural Trust told us of their great ideas for the future and amazing achievements so far. Gemma’s enthusiasm was infectious and from now on our family will be getting eggs and veg boxes from nowhere else! From the start of the evening when we showed a film of Meads local rape seed oil to the end where Jeanne Woodcraft gave us a wonderful talk on the use of vegetables through the ages illustrated with great depth and understanding, using wonderful historic paintings.