General Election 2017 Hustings

Here are some of the questions sent in by attendees at the 2017 General Election hustings:

  • Recently an independent body (Client Earth) took the government to court over illegal air quality in our towns and cities. The court ordered the government to produce a plan to tackle air pollution. Can the candidates please tell me how their parties are going to reduce air pollution to safe levels and meet our other environmental targets whilst simultaneously increasing airport capacity (via a third runway at Heathrow) and building a new, fossil fuel powered high speed train (HS2). Both of which will directly affect residents in SW Herts.
  • After the current government recently voted against taking in 3000 children refugees despite promising it, what ways will you/your party tackle the refugee problem?
  • How will you ensure the delivery of NHS services is not damaged by Brexit, when our health service is reliant at all levels on immigrant labour?
  • How will you prioritise spending on education, and will you stop the laying off of essential teaching staff?
  • How are you going to deal with the affordable housing crisis in this area? and what is your attitude to the sale of council house stock both belonging to DBC and housing associations?
  • What are you offering young people in this election, particularly as many of us feel disenfranchised by current policies like high tuition fees, and the removal of housing benefit for young people?

There were also several questions for the floor. I am glad to say it was a very good-natured meeting.

The results for South West Hertfordshire was that David Gauke the sitting Conservative MP was re-elected.