Citizens Visioning 2017

Thank you so very much to the huge number of you that came to our Berkhamsted Visioning Evening. You all worked really hard and threw yourselves wholeheartedly into discussing the options we have been given.

As you know there has never been a more important time to involve yourselves with, and support Berkhamsted Citizens. The town, we all love, is threatened by proposals in the new Local Plan. Our concerns are not only within the town, but on the outskirts of our town, (including loss of the Green Belt) see

You have all said that Berkhamsted doesn’t have the infrastructure to support our current community, let alone several thousand more people, driving to the station, needing to park to shop, requiring medical support, needing education for children and grandchildren. Every new home generates six car movements per day, and our roads are already grid locked. What we are offered could damage our environment and fail in some cases to allow land use to reflect the interests of the community as a whole. We need to ensure that we reconcile the conservation of our environment with development needs. Thank you so much for coming and making your feelings known! I am currently working on creating a matrix of all your comments, as soon as it is complete it will be on the web site for you to read and of course it will be communicated to DBC.

Background Reading – Citizens Visioning Event

We suggest you read this first, it was given to all participants of our Visioning Evening prior to starting.

Visioning Results from Citizens

These are all the results of our evening recorded by the facilitators.

Berkhamsted Under Attack

We have been asked to put this up by BRAG – the Citizens totally support of what they are doing.

Berkhamsted Citizens Response – Press on the link below, you are welcome to cut and paste any part of it, to add to your own response.  Please remember you need to send your response to Dacorum Borough Council at the very latest by 13th December.  IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU RESPOND

Berkhamsted Citizens Response (DBC Strategic Plan)


In 2011 DeeTV made a film about the South Berkhamsted development. I am putting it up here, although it is somewhat out of date, the essence of what both I, and others are saying is totally relevant and I urge you to watch it. You will see that both David Gauke, our MP, and James Doe who is still a senior member of the planning team at DBC, are unequivocal in their opinions that more development in our linear valley town is totally unsustainable. What they are saying about this one development is apposite to most of the new housing that has been proposed in our medieval market town. In fact, as most of you will know, we have already built almost all that was required of us by 2031, far more than has been built is other parts of borough. Why is this? May I venture that this could be that properties built in Berkhamsted make the developers far more money and sell quickly – they are not about local need or affordability, but WANT for new residents coming from outside hoping for expensive houses. Nobody is considering our lack of infrastructure at present, let alone with many new units. Please listen to Wendy Le Las at the end of the film who tells us in no uncertain terms the mess we will find ourselves in. She has spent over thirty years as planning advisor to local councils and really knows her stuff.

As you will see I have already put up The Citizens response to the Strategic Plan, we have worked closely with both Brag and The Town Council to produce what we hope is an all-encompassing response. We ask you as a matter of urgency to make your own response. Of course, it took us hours and hours, please if you agree with what we have said, you are welcome to cut and paste.

Berkhamsted Citizens Response (DBC Strategic Plan)

Alternatively, do visit the Brag website on which will make responding very easy for you. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE CONSULTATION BY DECEMBER 13TH AND MAKE SURE YOU SELECT OPTION 1B.

Send your response, by the 13th December to,

Thank you everyone for responding – Lindy