Only two of the candidates has returned the constituents questions although I have waited an extra two days to post them on the web site.  I would have filmed the actual proceedings but sadly one of the parties, that did not eventually come to the hustings insisted that we did not film – so I apologise.

Here is the letter that went to all candidates

Here is Sally Symington responses for the Lib Dems

Here is a Message from David Gauke:

I was delighted to participate in the hustings organised by the Berkhamsted Citizens Association and I thank all the nearly 200 constituents who attended. In an election where so much mistruth about Brexit and public spending is rife, your questions and respectful discourse was inspiring.

We covered many important issues, from global issues like climate change to national issues like the NHS and opportunities for our young people, to local issues like the Watford hospital and the need for better train service to London. I explained my views on all those issues but you can read more at .

But the main issue in this election is Brexit. We need to resolve this enormous challenge so we can get back to dealing with all the critical issues facing our community and country. But it is a complete falsehood to suggest that following Boris Johnson’s plan would just ‘get Brexit done.’ I’m afraid his reckless approach would see us leave the EU without a deal which would damage our economy, threaten our security and potentially lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom.

I tried to find a middle way through to deliver the outcome of the first referendum in a way that would mitigate against the worsts impact of Brexit. But the hardliners in my former Party blocked that. I believe now the only way forward is to put the question back to the British people – do we want Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit deal or to Remain. I will campaign (again) for Remain.

We need to bring this country back together and focus on the myriad other issues which are so important.

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