Environment Award

Each year at the AGM, a review is made by the Town Amenities Sub-committee of selected additions or changes to our local environment, both built and natural. This may be a new or renovated building or improvements to an open space or amenity. An Environment Award is presented to the facility which is judged by a panel of judges to have most improved the environment of our town. Evidence of previous award winners may be seen around the town in the form of a plaque affixed to buildings, where permitted by the owners.

In September 1980, the BCA committee decided that, in order to stimulate interest in the local environment, an annual award should be made for the work which is considered to have contributed most to the enhancement of Berkhamsted or Northchurch. ‘Work’ can mean a new building, extension, renovation or landscaping; large or small, anything from a building complex to a garden.

The Citizens’ award was set up to try to foster public awareness on the good additions or changes to the built environment during the year. If possible, a plaque would be awarded to the project that makes an outstanding contribution to the town and other developments would receive commendations as appropriate.

The following is a list of those awards presented and commendations. The year refers to the AGM but the award/ commendation applies to works completed during the previous calendar year

1981 Monks Cottage
(Flambards / Café Rouge)
296 High Street
1982 (1) ‘Rosehill’, Montague Road
(2) Ashlyns Hall (special award)
1983 Court House, Church Lane
1984 Thomas Court,
Westfield Road
(1) Berkhamsted Town Hall (Arcade)
(2) Springwood Estate
1985 Sunnyside Church Hall,
Ivy House Lane
(1) Bridgewater Boats for conversion of warehouse
(2) Three Close Lane Offices
1986 Compass Point,
(1) Painting Lower Kings Road canal bridge
(2) Dickmans (refurbishment of shop front)
1987 no award Haresfoot School Highly commended
1988 National Film Archive,
Kingshill Way
1989 Gossoms End Elderly Care Unit (1) Ravens Wharf Housing
(2) St Peters restoration
Highly commended
1990 Berkhamsted Railway Station (1) Penny Farthing Hotel behind 296 High Street
(2) Offices at 103-109 High Street
1991 14 Torrington Road Berkhamsted Town Hall
1992 no award
1993 no award (1) Agora Space at the Berkhamsted Youth Club
(2) Berkhamsted School Swimming Pool
(3) The Eco House, 28 Castle Hill Avenue
Very highly commended
Highly commended
Highly commended
1994 The By-Pass Mange Tout, 163 High Street
1995 no award (1) The Vet’s Surgery at St John’s Well Lane
(2) The Alsford Wharf development
(3) Pizza Express, High Street (Park Street)
1996 Bridgewater Court,
Lower Kings Road
(1) The Waterworks, Greenfield Road
(2) Berkhamsted Youth Club extension
1997 The Swan
1998 The Baptist Church (1) 2 Factories, Northbridge Road
(2) Children’s Playground, Canal Field
1999 no award (1) Caffé Uno, Town Hall Market House, 196 High Street
(2) former Castle Inn, Castle Street
(3) The Old Mill, London Road/ Bank Mill Lane
2000 Berkhamsted Town Hall
(Clock Room & Façade)
(1) Collegiate Prep School (Kings Road)
(2) Acorn Pharmacy
2001 Deans Lawn, Chesham Road (1) Magoo’s Wine Bar, High Street (BUDS)
(2) The Warehouse, Castle Wharf, Ravens Lane
(3) The Collegiate Sports Pavilion, Chesham Road
2002 Information Plinths,
Grand Union Canal
(1) The Mansion & Garden, Berkhamsted Hill
(2) New path across Canal Fields
2003 no award (1) Bartrum Cottages, Ravens Lane (Affordable Housing)
(2) The Old School & The Studio, Chapel Street
(3) ‘Applecroft’, Seymour Road, Northchurch
2004 Clunbury Court,
Manor Street
(1) 173 High Street (ex Figgs) (2) 30 Kings Road (Beulah Chapel)
(3) 91 – 101 High Street (The Rex – flats)
2005 no award (1) 91 – 101 High Street (The Rex – cinema)
(2) Collegiate Sports Complex, Kings Road
2006 no award (1) 91 – 101 High Street (The Rex / The Gatsby)
(2) 3-4 Billet Lane (3) 55-57 High Street, Northchurch
Highly commended
2007 Castle Mill &
adjoining new apartments
(1) Headlands House, Byways, Gravel Path
(2) Skate Park, Canal Fields
Very highly commended
Special Commendation
2008 Chadwick Technology Centre,
Castle Street
(1) The Hospice, Spring Garden Lane
(2) Sevens Court (development behind 77 High Street
(3) 20 Montague Road (2 new semi-detached)
Special Commendation
Highly commended
Highly commended
2009 12 Torrington Road (1) ‘The Chilterns’, Stoney Close
(2) The Great Barn, Castle Hill
(3) Linden House, 224 High Street
Highly commended
2010 no award
2011 no award (1) Canal Fields Recreational Area
(2) St Albans House & Moss Edge House, Elm Grove
(3) The Gables, Gravel Path
Highly commended
Highly commended
Highly commended
2012  no award (1) Nash Harris Building, Berkhamsted School (Kings Road campus)
(2) New Manor Croft, Manor Street
2013  no award (1) Castle Wharf boatyard development, Bridge Street
(2) Brasserie Blanc, 262 High Street
 2014  Mariners, Cross Oak Road (1) Footbridge over the Bulbourne, Springwood Estate, Northchurch
(2) Play area, Butts Meadow
Highly commended
Highly commended
 2015  no award (1) Kennet House, Claremont House, Egerton House & Ashton House, Kitsbury Road
(2) 4 and 4a Park View Road
(3) Planters at various locations, Berkhamsted High Street
(4) ‘Whitefields’, Shootersway
 2016  no award (1) Sheldon Lodge, 348 – 360 High Street
(2) Farm Place, Durrants Lane