Current membership fees are as follows:-

  • Single/ Household: £ 5.00 per annum ( £ 15.00 for three years’ membership )

The total membership as at 15th December 2015 was 361.

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Life Members

Life Memberships are awarded to individuals and their spouses to acknowledge extraordinary service to the Association, for example long service on the Committee or more than one 2-year stint as Chairman. The current Life Members are as follows:-

Mr. Michael Day (Life Member since 1980)

Mrs. Sheila Walton (since 1985)

Mr. Guy Moores (since 1986)

Mr. Norman Binks (since 1987)

Mrs. H. Williams (widow of Norman; since 2012)

Mr. Giles Clark (since 1998)

Mrs. J. Braybrooke (widow of Peter; since 1999)

Mrs. Miranda Cummins (since 2000)

Mrs. Gill Feil (since 2001)

Mr. Christopher Talbot-Ponsonby (since 2006)

Mr. Bill Willett (since 2008)

Mrs. V. Cameron (widow of George; since 2009)

Mrs. J. Sherwood (widow of Ken; since 2010)

Miss Rita Jones (since 2011)

Mr. K. Phillips (widower of Margaret; since 2013)

Mr. Graham Spittle (since 2014)

Mrs. Susan Johnson (since 2014)

Mr. Gordon Bluck (since 2016)

Mrs. Beryl Edwards (since 2016)